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Why does a business need digital marketing?

Because business has to be where the customer is. Today, most of the time, everyone is in front of a phone, tablet or computer. Even today, when watching TV, often viewers are simultaneously on the phone or with a tablet in their hands

Because consumers need to be reminded about the brand. Consumers today have many options when choosing a product and they need to be constantly reminded of the existence of the brand. The best way to attract potential consumers, is being present in places where they spend a good deal of time, online.

Because through social media and with any other online marketing channels you can build a customer relationship. Through online channels, is possible to build an one-to-one communication with current and potential customers; they are a space where business and consumer interact and get to know each other like no other place.

Because you can target better and more accurately than by any other marketing channel. By combining variables such as demographic data (age, gender), geographic location, employment, behavior or interests expressed, it is possible to address the right message to the target group.

Because the results are measurable. One of the advantages of online marketing is that every stock is tracked; keeping and analyzing detailed data is not only a valuable source of information, but also a tremendous opportunity to continuously optimize and improve all marketing communications